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    February 12, 2013
    5:00 - 6:00am EST  

a bizarre case in maryland. with a death.ed john gonzalez is on the scene what police are saying. the u.s. and other world outrageare expressing after north korea conducts its third nuclear test. >> a big night for president obama as he prepares for his state of the union address. "good morning washington" at the white house says he will also outline a plan to create that will grow the middle class. the florida senator marco rubio deliver the gop response. kentucky senator rand paul will give the tea party response. outspoken critic of obama will attend tonight's state of the union address. musician and an advocate ted guest ofll be the gop congressman steve stockman. ted nugent has referred to the 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is tuesday, ferber a 12. i am cynne simpson. i am scott thuman. glenn beck to meteorologist jacqui jeras. to meteorologist jeras. obama administration as evil and hating.- he said he would end up dead or if mr. obama were reelected. those comments led to an by the secret service. >> the debate over guns in america returns to and capitol hill as a senate subcommittee will look at violenceeduce gun following the connecticut school shooting. fromanel will hear as wellors and experts people who survived gun familyce or lost members.
is a breezy start. a little breezy especially off to our west where we have some wind advisory. it's 49 degrees at reagan national at this hour with a wind chill of 43. wind out of the northwest at 15 look at the wind chill factor. in frederick and hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, looking 30's for the big chill index. it feels like 37 in luray. feels like 48 degrees in culpeper with calm wind. we are expecting a wintry mix the senate judiciary committee heard from both sides last month. it's 46 degrees. >> new details in the of a chicago teenager who murdered just days after she performed at the inaugural parade in d.c. performed at the inaugural paradsofa... desk... tomorrow. we will spell out the details on in another couple minutes. first let's a check on traffic and weather jamee. 29 and route 32, fromractor-trailer 32 ended up on its side. lefthave that close, the lane getting by. yo you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet.
northbound 29, that's the opposite side. lanes are open in burtonsville. 32 westboundund ramp to 29 or town is closed. virginia is quiet, nothing to tell you about. back to you. >> thank you. 5:02. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off thshelf, and to your home. police are trying to figure out led to a death that home near 36th avenue and college park. a bizarre story. gonzalez is in college park happened.out what >> not only a homicide early morning, but a fire that appears to have been deliberately set. this happened around 1:00 this morning. still an active crime scene. police have blocked off 36
avenue in college park. is two blockse down the road. least three people shot. one man found dead in the back house.ence in- appears the man was not only wounded but may have been burned. the fire department confirms the on the side ofe the house. another person shot multiple to the hospital in critical condition. we have video of a third victim being transported. theppears he was shot in expected toand is survive. the neighborhood is just blocks campus of lynn marilyn.y and it does not appear that any in this,were involved was a campus wide alert sent out early this morning to all students and onef on campus describing suspects driving in a odyssey. the medical examiner has just arrived. tell you this is a homicide and could potentially turn into a double homicide. person in critical sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. i'm tavon taylor.
condition in hospital. reporting live in college park, gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> montgomery county police have a man.d the name of and killed by car. k ofear-old frank sedwic silver spring. the driver was reported carter. ongoing.tigation is we will update you when we learn i'm catherine lofton. --just want to say >> good morning, washington. >> i love those greetings. greatoing to be a tuesday. it's fat tuesday. 5:39, 44 degrees. we will be warmly into the 50's this afternoon. meteorologist adam caskey is in storm chasers 7 this morning. bead.annot find so i improvised. new information. another bold move for north its thirdt conducted test today. is defined united nations orders. lot of outrage over this. thenne carter is in satellite center to talk about developments from overnight. north korea recently warned planning a nuclear test and more long-range rocket launches. today north korea carried out its third nuclear test. nine u.n. security council -- it than bead.etter -- beads. their christmas lights. it's fat tuesday. wednesday. ash at the clarendon metro station in arlington. there is a very fun parade that's about half mile stretch from north marston street all boulevard washington to, on wilson boulevard, where people turned out every year. 50 organizations take part. barton street.
is denying a un a warning that face more sanctions. president obama says this is highly provocative. the u.n. security council is hold an emergency meeting at 9:00 this morning. many say the timing of this is not a coincidence. just hours before the president's state of the tonight and just of the birthday of former .orth korean leader kim jong il starts around 8:00 friendly mardily gras parade. in clarendon to start the day. be a mild afternoon, perfect weather for the parade all festivities this evening. look at temperatures. 43 in leesburg, 44 la plata. widespread 40's for the most part to start this tuesday morning. a good amount of sunshine in the forecast. temperatures in the low brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> interesting. president obama is getting his state of the union address. go before a joint at 9:00.f congress the president is expected to lay his priorities for a including gun control, immigration reform, and clean energy. the white house says he will createtline a plan to jobs and grow the middle class. florida senator marco rubio will 50's. noon, 50 by 5:00 p.m. about 52 degrees for the temperature.h 48 by noon. but skoda jamee as for the fat commute -- let's go to jamee for the fat tuesday commute. 270, slowing and from urbana andhrough
response.e republican kentucky senator rand paul will party.or the tea virginia democratic senator tim kaine and virginia gop forbes plantandy political aisle tonight. together during the state of the union address. as fellow virginians, they look toward to the opportunity carry on this bipartisan tradition. if you can stay with abc 7 and for complete coverage of the state of the union. hyattstown. toond germantown and down decent ride.a no incidents. 355 coming out of gaithersburg to the beltway, in good shape. columbia, maryland, a box truck overturned on the ramp 29. to go north on they are dealing with offloading produce. good morning to our nation's capital. lower 14th street wonderful, no in our 6:00 hour, a preview of the president's speech. >> former nebraska senator chuck to be defensetion could take a big step forward today. senate armed services committee plans to vote on the .omination some of his zero republicans say he has not answered about his personal finances. the full senate could vote on tomorrow oron thursday. >> catholics are looking ahead problems to report in the district. back to you. >> thank you. always good to see 14th street moving smoothly. degrees. >> ladies (a big salary should going to the district. the results of a new district study. ♪
fter pope benedict xvi's announcement that he is resigning at the end of this month. says he is-old aside because he no longer has the strength to lead the church. many local catholics are santa's seem resigned, they're wondering about. cardinals will gather the next month for conclave .o elect a new pope >> it's 46 degrees>5:07. >> new details when it comes to cybersecurity. >> new details when it comes to cybersecurity. what president ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon
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>> good morning, washington. meteorologist jacqui jeras. degrees. it's fat tuesday. meteorologist adam caskey is an 5:00,ing up tonight at the latest dietary craze that aboutople thinking habits. their eating before you go gluten-free, there important things to know. dietary warnings from doctors, tonight at 5:00. >> tuesday morning. interesting news about the olympics. >> and whether or not wrestling be part of it moving forward. jummy olabanji is an ally of desk.- is at the live chasers seven in clarendon morning and getting ready tonight. parade >> that's right. tomorrow is ash wednesday. that means today is parade day in arlington. at 8:00de kicks off boulevard just outside the metro station. about a half mile down barton street, down foods, thenm whole the bigup towards intersection at wilson >> they're reading right now in switzerland with the intention drop one of the 26 boards games.e summer olympic .- one of the 26 sports the u.s. won tw goalso metals in wrestling in london. taekwondo is on the table as
boulevard, down to the diner and you know the drill. it's 45 degrees currently at the chaser. we have widespread 40's all region this morning. other area bysome conditions and talk about the forecast. will be in a very pleasant day, sunny. 45 currently at dulles airport martinsburg is only 41. and 45 at dulles and well. severallooking at factors from the games including tv ratings, ticket sales, and overall popularity. rugby and golf will be joining the summer olympic games in rio . officials from several sports trying to get that spot in that wrestling is gone. back to you guys in the studio. >> the shot is good. martinsburg and 41 in cumberland. be a little cooler north with at of washington of sunshine. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow have a is when we should wintry mix, changing over to snow in spots. expect some accumulations especially northwest of washington. on that in a minute. let's look at the road now with jamee. >> getting ready to a rogue on had a careeral high 28 points, helping bring the opponents predict is the fourth straight victory for the wizards. good to see. john wall had 10 assists. 7 him onds are 10 and the court nominees back from injury. >> you can almost its smell the
this tuesday morning. there's dry pavement. problem in columbia, maryland. the ramp from westbound 32 to north on 29, a tractor- overturned on the ramp on its side. it's hard to see. the ramp from was down 32 to go north on 29 is closed. traffic going northbound on 29, tar. the nationals begin spring training. here's tim brant. >> get ready for baseball. nationals pitchers and catchers are in florida. steven strasburg is getting ready to go. about the off- well. acquisitions as rafael soriano is the closer. >> key guys like that that will specific role, will make this quick a little better only the left lane getting by. .n colombia, lanes open lanes are open southbound. >> it is 46 degrees. >> for the first time offensively and in the bullpen and in the rotation. >> we are racing toward in collegetime basketball. the wizards are rolling. last night, georgetown and marquette university. the hoyas don't waste time. off to the races. porter scored 11 of his 21 after a foul against mark asper. 4 off turnovers.fa
georgetown winning 6. have a great day. coming up at 6:00, the nfl's the year has a special celebrate on this fat tuesday. >> feeding the ducks at the park fund, but what you are giving them might be harmful. >> and executive editor of gives more perspective on president's state of the union address. at 6:00. a former lapd officer accused of killing three people including a police officer and is still on the run. for christopher is in its seventh day. of officers are him and hundreds of tips as a portent, prompted by a $1 million reward. dorner.topher he was fired in 2008 from the police and vowed revenge against
officers as well as their families. members have been with the death of a chicago teenager. 18-year-old michael ward and 20- faceold kenneth williams first-degree murder charges in shooting of hadiya pendleton. say they mr. uecker and her group of friends or rival gang members. 15-year-old honor student was killed just days after taking inaugural parade in d.c. her parents will join the first lady tonight to watch the state of the union address. >> women wanting a high-paying job should stay right here. that d.c. isinds paying city for women according to "forbes" magazine. median salary for women in the capital is more and $57,000 a year. san jose is second on the list bridgeport, connecticut in by sanrd place, followed francisco and trenton, new jersey. the top dogs of the nation are
>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and scott thuman. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> in protecting our top stories. police investigating an and houseshooting fire in college park. there's reports three people were shot in the home of 36 cabinet. called to put out a small fire. on a zombie invasion report. a tv station said that hacker into the regular system broadcasting news that "dead bodies are rising from their graves." four people call the station to see if the report was true. executives are investigating. as the cleanup continues from in thee blizzard getting a timee of the snowfall in hartford, connecticut. kennel clubinster show in new york city. >> best competed on the first night of the show. shot aters will take a being named best in show tonight. the westminster kennel club dog is amounts the most prestigious they nine competitions in the world. folks watching television in a jolt as their programming was interrupted with
the u.s. and others are condemning or career for nuclear out another test. successfullyd it detonated a miniaturized nuclear device early tuesday. you and security council will ancuss the issue during emergency meeting this morning. president obama appears before a of congress to night to deliver his state of the union address. expected to talk about the control,and budget cuts, and see how fast it accumulated between 4:00 friday until 9:00 a.m. saturday. blizzard dumped as much as 3 in some parts of the state. that gives you a visual was goingn of what on. >> that is a time lapse that would make adam caskey proud. shoveling. lot of >> probably more than a lot of would want here. >> we do have snow in the other issues during the speech. onsan francisco making good a super bowl bet. is renamedncisco zoo the closure of its black rhino enclosure for the next month. it will be named in honor of the ravens, the super bowl champions. thezoo -ninersd won , an exhibitrenamed forecast. go north and west to get a couple inches. we will stay less than an inch in the metro area. until tomorrow evening. today will be beautiful. let's get going. degrees. we have until factor at 43 degrees. is brisk. we will see things a little time from time to especially this morning. 45 degrees at dulles, 45 in gaithersburg, 43 in frederick this morning.
after the forty-niners. vick has agreed to restructure deal with the eagles.phia a source says that he could earn $10 million this year if meets all performance incentives. the team will voided the remaining two years. at a series of injuries last new coach says oldt he feels the 32-year- can still throw that football. the golden state warriors will the first nba team to 45 in martinsburg. 43 in culpeper. we have been bringing the wind chill factor into the 30's for some of us. if it feels like 37 in frederick and 39 in martinsburg. 35 in cumberland. feels like 38 englert a. yesterday we hit a high of 54 degrees despite the cloud cover. our average high is 46 degrees. closerotee wear jerseys with sleeves. >> they will be unveiled during televised home game against the spurs are very 22. the new uniform made by adidas with 60% recycled materials and its 26% lighter than their regular uniform. talking to other teams about wearing the new gear as .ell >> some of this year's sports illustrated swimsuit models to the 54 today. zero point to 8 inches of .ainfall of plenty of sunshine expected today. a few clouds expected to move in with the moisture. we have a upper level low to our system toif a frontal our south. of low pressure will d.velop and will move upwar
helped to brighten a down day on wall street. they rang the closing bell. magazine's 50th annual hits newsstands today with kate upton as the girl once again. she is the sixth model to be on the swimsuit cover in consecutive years. >> and you want to stay on that picture for a little while, scott? >> we can look at it again. fine. >> he's going like this while story.ading the we will start with rainfall and snow by late to evening. skies today, 50 degrees or so. clouds rolling into night. moisture coming at us the south by the middle of the afternoon. you need to get some elevation snow.s in the evening, a wintry mix expected. and a change over to snow. busted. >> lies. she's not ugly. today's weather looks pretty good. speaking of hot. it's is 4:00 in the morning or so in orleans and people are still partying on the streets. it's fat tuesday. this is the last one. the streets look a little wet. it has been raining on and off. everybody north and west of montgomery and loudoun county an inch or so. partly cloudy and mile today, 48-53. cloudy tonight, low between 32 and 36. tomorrow, a brain by midafternoon, summit the by midin s tomorrow with some
showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon. mild and 70 degrees orleans. just need the umbrella. around here, no raindrops today. afternoon, different. 49 degrees right now with a northwest wind at 15 miles an hour. 50. wind chill factor at 1 we have board feels like the accumulations. what's happening, jamee? >> newschopper 7 is in columbia, maryland, where the box truck overturned. of an impact. that is good information. traffic headed northbound on 29, openl lanes have been northbound. coming off 32 west 29 is where the box truck overturned. they have to off load of fuel produce. is in manchester and martinsburg and hagerstown. like 48 in culpeper. the district, 43 degrees at this time. we hit our afternoon high of 54 yesterday. decent overall despite the overcast conditions. are averages for today, 46 and 30. closer to a lot yesterday's highs than the average ties. no snow again today. not causing much of an impact on 29. a little volume of 32. back to you. >> thank you. >> we have new information on news we have been about in college park, maryland, where three students have been shot. that it wasarning by every mates after he started basement of their home and then they went outside away from the fire. that's where he reportedly them.ed
maybe tomorrow. we are in between clouds. we have two things influencing weather today. low up here -- we have a low up here and then a the coaststem from scoot to our south. enjoy the sunshine today. clouds tonight. by tomorrow we expect to see the >> this is a murder-suicide situation involving a three students from the university of maryland. john gonzalez will have the in a live report coming up at 6:00. pizza hut's wants you to smell freshly rising dough with in itsof tomato sauce new perfume >> . burger king is stepping up its coffee game. with all that and more, linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. food.always talking by midafternoon and then snow by late in the evening. barlett cloudy and mile today, to 63. mostly cloudy tonight, 32 to 36. rain by tomorrow by the midafternoon and then changing snow. we will see accumulations west temperatureswith staying above the freezing mark tomorrow night. looks good again already by friday, but the weekend may have a drizzle or >> we are. begin with burger king. they are stepping up their competition with mcdonald's. burger king will have more using the seattle's brand which is owned by starbucks. andtes offer nextus flavors sometime month. who don't like coffee, have their you to
snow flurries on saturday. the roads are dry, jamee. >> a truck overturned on-ramp. -- on a ramp. in columbia, maryland, northbound 29 columbia pike, the 9,2 merging onto 2 where the truck overturned. was a produce truck. new drink called kickstart. is a mountain dew drink with juice, vitamins, and caffeine. pizza companies pulling out all stops. domino's is offering a $10 gift ind to the first 500 people love.g coming out with ali they will have to off load of vegetables and fruits and fuel.d the a busy morning. >> we will check back again soon. american express is working with twitter. >> and the pope's twitter busy since heen announced his retirement. >> twitter is becoming a fragrance for their biggest fans through social media web sites limited country by country basis. you can try to order one from hut restaurants toyou would rather not wait see if you can win. i'm not sure about the person pizza.ells like >> you don't want that for ?alentine's day >> i know what i'm getting you.
shopping web site. of the messaging service will be able to purchase products using their american express card. besides earning money for , it can sell products. watch for an executive order cybersecurity that standards on new companies such as banks should be doing to protect their computer systems. still no word on the twitter account about the pope's the this is great. >> the that will be a hot. we are looking at 46 degrees, resignation. two months ago the vatican made about how benedick was using social media. fashion week under way in new york. catch it from home. several shows are available on web. some are recorded and some are alive. beew of them will exclusively on line for you to check out. i am diana perez.
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correct in governor bob mcdonnell is willing to a key part of his getnsportation plan to dennis through the deadlock. the 17 cent gas tax. wanted to eliminate the tax and replace the money by 5.8%.g the sales tax to the virginia senate committee approved three bills intended to improve school safety. one bill would increase for people who purchase guns legally but then ise them to someone who buying will increase the penalties for entering the while armed or intending to commit a crime. bill would provide civil anyone reporting a perhaps. the bills are based on from a schools force.task >> it's 5:26, 45 degrees outside. continues at 5:00 three-point. -- at 5:30.
>> there could be an unwanted of thet tonight's state union address. a celebrity who
>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, no andrmation on a shooting fire in maryland. calling this a murder-suicide. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, to february 12. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get through meteorologist jeras for the weather. its fat tuesday and the plump. looks finally getting a little sunshine after a dreary yesterday. expecting a nice day with
, a couplesunshine clouds here and there. things will change by tomorrow. clouds overnight tonight. tomorrow will be cloudy with midafternoonng by and there will be a changeover wet snow late in the evening. some minor accumulations possible to the west of the metro area. morning, waking up to paris skies, 43 degrees in d.c. we will have all the details on forecast, minutes away. from the belfort furniture weather center, now to traffic. details on the truck that overturned in columbia, maryland. was coming off 32 to merge 29 overturned on ramp. left lane getting by. there offloading the fuel as a precaution. southbound 29 in our favor,
travel lanes open. of them, not bad. the beltway lanes are open. 95 in virginia, adjusts the volume increasing over the occoquan. thehere we are approaching capital beltway. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, following a 36der-suicide situation at th avenue in college park. john gonzalez as new details emerging at this hour. >> moments ago, prince george's police informed us that homicide detectives are investigating a murder-suicide in college park. this happened around 1:00 this morning. police officers still have 36th avenue blocked off. the crime scene just two blocks down the road. one man found dead in the back of defense in-house. it appears this man was not seriously fatally wounded,
there was a small fire near him. sort of small fire on the side of the house. another person shot multiple times taken to the hospital. may be deceased. third victim was shot in the arm survive.expected to this is blocks from the of maryland campus. it does not appear that any involved in this at this hour. it is students and residents in thisn the streets neighborhood. appearough it does not involved, campus alert was sent out to students and staff describing one or more suspects driving a honda odyssey. the medical examiner did arrive scene an hour ago. police are confirming this is a murder-suicide. reporting in college park, john news.ez, abc 7
>> we have another big story we are following this morning. developing overseas, you and holding anuncil today based onng korea's recent actions. >> brianne carter has been from the this story satellite center. getting a lot of reaction after dr.'s decision to test.t its third nuclear president obama calling it a provocative act. nato pose a governing body also calling this irresponsible. the nuclear test is north since kim jong un took power. this could take no career a step of building agoal nuclear warhead small enough to on a long-range missile that could threaten the u.s. a u.n. security council expected an emergency meeting on all this later this morning. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> president obama is putting finishing touches on his address.the union
he will go before a joint of congress and the country at 9:00 tonight. >> the president expected to lay out his priorities for second term. control,lude gun- immigration reform, and clean energy.